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Empowering Restaurants with Max Purchasing Power



We are an Association of Chefs, General Managers, Purchasing Directors and Owners within the restaurant industry across the United States. The Restaurant Society team has put together the most robust and flexible contract program in the restaurant industry. With the size of our Society and our distinctive relationships with over 400+ manufacturers of food and foodservice related products, we have secured over 165,000 deviated items.


You not only benefit from the massive number of deviated items, we also keep pricing consistent through our locked margin schedule developed with our Distributing Partners.


To enhance our buying program even more, we have also established ancillary cost savings opportunities for our restaurants. This would include potential savings on Chef’s clothing, inventory control application and even television entertainment.





Our program is going to save restaurants money due to the vast amount of deviations and our locked margin schedule. We have a history of providing an average of 10% savings for our members. If you provide us with current invoices we will simply plug those purchases into our cost savings program and see if there is any money to be saved.


Our program will streamline your purchasing. One distributor that can provide for all restaurant needs to minimize your deliveries and less checks to write, saving labor dollars in both kitchen and administrative categories. Spend less time price checking and more time being the face of your operation. 


Our membership program provides a communication platform that will allow restaurant operators to speak with other like-minded professionals without sharing trade secrets with competitors. We give you a team outside of your restaurant to help you source and share innovative ideas and provide industry knowledge. As an example, The Restaurant Society is able to connect a high-end pizza restaurant in New York with a high-end pizza restaurant in California.




After extensive research and interviewing the country’s major distributors, we feel we partner with the “best in class” in the food distribution industry. We are partnered with Cheney Brothers, Inc in the Southeastern United States and with Performance Food Service in the rest of the country. It is through these relationships that we are confident we can provide the highest quality of service and products at the very best cost.


Our exclusive program is unique in that it incorporates both a large number of deviated items and a locked margin schedule that is established with the distributor that keeps pricing structures consistent. Our rebates are passed on to your invoice so you receive the savings up front as opposed to having to chase your rebates from manufacturers and distributors.


Although we have no contracts, our goal is to earn your business and become your primary source of food and beverage purchases.


Consider this an offer for a free market analysis. If you give us current invoices, showing your purchases, we will plug it into our program and see if there is money to be saved. With a locked margin schedule contracted with our Distributing Partners, we don’t have the ability to manipulate price nor do we offer honeymoon pricing. Either we will save you money or we will show you that your current purchasing habits are the best fit for your business model. 

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